A Career As A Mentor Analysis

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I believe that being a good mentor means really engaging with your mentee. By engaging with the mentee you really get to know who they are; their personalities, likes, dislikes, goals, fears, etc. You can develop a bond and a mutual respect for each other when you can understand each other. When a mentor can truly take an interest in the relationship that is when success with an individuals goals can be achieved. I think being a leader is a little different from being a mentor. As discussed above a mentor/mentee bond is focused on the relationship and investing in a bond to achieve success together. A leader is defined by their own personality traits. Some of this important traits include, someone who is driven, flexible, patient, and a good communicator. A leaders focus is making sure the job gets done in a way that makes everyone happy or content with the results. It takes patience and flexibility. Not everyone will always be willing or available and a leader needs to be able to work within the boundaries given to them. I think the most important part in this is being a…show more content…
I am a leader in another group and I always look for ways to improve on the way I lead a group night. I believe that there is always room to grow and learn new things when dealing with people of differing personalities and I think that this course has that to offer. The main reason I joined this course though, was because of the appeal to mental health. Mental health has been a rising area of concern especially in the last few years. I have experienced it in my family and I know that many others have as well. I felt that this course (even if in a small way) would allow me to help someone else who is struggling. First year of university is a tough one; academically and emotionally and I would like to help first year students understand that help is always
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