A Career As A Pediatric Dental Assistant

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I recently attended a leadership conference at Dixie State University where they had students that were in leadership roles come and interact with different schools. In that meeting they explained the importance a person can have on others and the benefits of becoming involved in the school can have on us. We had great speakers throughout the meeting, one of which was involved in the computer program and he explained the amount of knowledge he had gained since high school and college. He was into computer technology all this life and just recently got into the medical field where he expressed how happy he is to be advancing in technology. All the roles I have been a part of have strengthened me as an individual and I know I can take all these experiences and apply them to my future goals.…show more content…
I have a genuine love for kids and am fascinated with the technology being presented in these days. My background in computer technology will help me understand the new technologies being presented throughout the years. I have gained so much from my experiences in high school and hope to further my knowledge. I learned how to meet deadlines, work in a team environment, organize, and plan ahead to help the people around me. Not long ago I was offered a job to work at an ophthalmology clinic called Richens Eye Center. The nurse that was helping us with our appointment told me they were looking for help especially nurses who were
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