A Career As A Sports Nutritionist

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I have always enjoyed helping others, as a Nutritionist I can lead people down the right path to healthier living. A healthy lifestyle is crucial in today’s world; the numbers of obese Americans, citizens with diabetes and heart attacks due to diets filled with Trans Fats and sodium keep rising. Anything that I would be able to do to stop my fellow man from working themselves into an early grave would give me reason to wake up and go to work with a purpose every day. Through the research I have been able to conduct so far throughout this course I have learned that my profession could lead down many paths. I could be a dietetic technician or a nutritionist which allows for many different career choices in of itself. As of now, once I acquire…show more content…
With these options I could find a job in a gym where I would be able to help “enhance clientele workouts and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals” (29-1031.00 - Dietitians and Nutritionists, 2016). This certificate I am most excited about as it will give me some professional experience on the physical nutrition side; it should also help me later on when I am working towards my Masters in Sports…show more content…
I will not be able to do any of it without a solid beginning that I will get from Kaplan. I will take advantage of all the opportunities I can through the Kaplan Career Network. Writing a resume I definitely will need assistance on, I also like how it puts you in touch with a similar student body so you can share experiences and get/give advice. The Career Network can also help me get an idea of where to find work once I settle in Colorado. “It gives you a targeted job search that compliments your existing skill set, your geographic location, and your program of study” (Career Network, 2016). Using all these resources presented to me and following my career goal plan should lead me to a full-time job either working in a gym as a personal trainer/diet coach or with a college football team as a nutrition coach. Either job I would look forward to immensely. I would still be in the Air National Guard at the time but that would be a side job just to help me maintain financially sound until I started bringing in money from my career as a nutrition
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