A Career As A Trial Attorney

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My future career is to be a professional trial attorney. Trial lawyers have a lot of responsibilities; it's not all fun and games. They constantly have to review files, make contact with witnesses, also talk to different parties that are involved in their cases. Attorney’s have to fill out a lot of report and file a lot of documents with the court system. It can take weeks or months for these papers to process as the trial attorneys prepare for their trial in the courtroom. Moreover, lawyers will spend most of their time in courtroom meeting other attorneys for routine processes, these include arguing motions, selecting jurors for jury trials, and scheduling. Trials are expensive and many cases both criminal and civil never even make it to the courtroom. Cases often settled out of court instead according to…show more content…
It reads, "I solemnly swear or solemnly and sincerely affirm, as the case may be, that you will do nothing dishonest, and will not knowingly allow anything dishonest to be done in court, and that you will inform the court of any dishonesty of which you have knowledge; that you will not knowingly maintain or assist in maintaining any cause of action that is false or unlawful; that you will not obstruct any cause of action for personal gain or malice; but that you will exercise the office of attorney, in any court in which you may practice, according to the best of your learning and judgment, faithfully, to both your client and the court; so help you God or upon penalty of perjury." In other words, lawyers should obey the oath because its job the of a lawyer to be honest to their clients when they signed up to be a lawyer they signed up to fight for what's right. If you break the oath that could cause a lot of problems they could lose their licenses also they could get
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