A Career As An Oral Surgeon

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Have you ever thought about how lucky we are? To live in a country where any dream or goal is possible to reach. A place where we have the freedom to determine our future as individuals. Where someone from poverty or even wealth can make a huge

Impact on this world. Everyone has a life goal they would like to reach. When I was younger mine varied from a neurologist to something as extreme as an astronaut. Since then I've had time to expand my opportunities in life and grow. I can now see my future as an oral surgeon. Sure, it's not easy and yes it can be up to eight years of college. That's right, I said eight. That's okay though, I strive for success and hard work is the only way to get there.

No matter who you are as a person. If your 5'2 and want to be in the NBA, or even 100 lbs and want to pursue wrestling. Nothing can hold you back from what
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Waking up at 8 am just to have your teeth drilled on or even a few cut out. Many do not understand the time and effort put in to making sure your healthy. Wether it's your teeth, bones, brain, anyone in the medical field strive for the same thing. A patient that they can help bring to health. Dentist are overlooked because it's just your teeth right? Have you ever thought about some things that would just be plain out impossible without your teeth. Even chewing your favorite food could become a challenge. Dentist help with so many things like keeping your teeth healthy from tooth decay or even gum disease.

I was first inspired to pursue this career when I met my dentist Dr. Gardener. He did his job so well and walked around with a smile on his face while doing so. He always asked me what career I wanted to pursue when I grew up and when I told him I had a passion to be an oral surgeon, it caught him by surprise. He then went on to give me the opportunity to work at his office and have hands on learning. He taught children how to stay healthy and loved every second of
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