A Career In Astronomy

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A young boy is walking through the mall and sees an advertisement that The Hunger Games is coming out soon in theaters. He has always wanted to see it, and begs his mom for money. This is the kind of excitement that a film editor can bring to the films they make. The final changes in the movie can make or break how well the movie connects to the audience. Becoming a film and video editor is a better career choice for me than an astronomer because of education, job environment, and skills. Film editors must be very tech savvy, for the majority of film editing is accomplished digitally on computers (“How”). However, they do not have to be able to perform complicated tasks such as programming and writing code. Instead, they have an interface…show more content…
I am interested in utilizing technology, however I do not have the desire to create programs or write code. Technical knowledge is also a key factor in astronomy. According to the American Astronomical Society, astronomers must be well rounded in the field of computers; they must know how to write programming, as well as interpret data that is collected from supercomputers that model cosmic jets and black holes (“Careers in Astronomy”). Astronomers must be up to date on the latest space and mathematical technologies to help prove theories through math and logistics (“Careers in Astronomy,” American). Solving algorithms and complicated math problems through the use of computer programming is a undesirable topic to master in the ever changing world of technology. In the book written by Yager and Yager, it says that a film editor’s job is to shape the content of a film, and help the director put what is scripted into action (170). It is the responsibility of the director and film editor to coordinate their work and put together thousands of separately shot scenes into one cohesive and coherent movie (Yager and Yager 170). Teamwork is a valuable skill in the film industry, and having the ability to come together and constructively criticize the work…show more content…
To be a film editor one needs to have a high school diploma or a GED, and then pursue a four year college or university to study broadcasting and film (“How”). There are many schools with reputable film departments where future film editors learn about the whole spectrum of filmmaking, “ pre-production and planning, scriptwriting, cinematography, lighting, set design…” (“How”). It is important to test and explore the required skills before committing to a new career. A solid high school education can introduce career options based on innate interests. Astronomy requires a higher level academic rigour that is meant to weed out the selective few that will become future astronomers. It is important to pursue a rigorous math and science curriculum in school, as they are the main subjects used in astronomy (“Careers in Astronomy,” American). Astronomy majors require more advanced degrees, which differs from the career of film editing. Astronomers must have a PhD to work in observatories, according to Daniel Devost it is, “3 to 6 years of graduate college studies”(qtd. in Cullen). This could accumulate to 10 years of post high school education, which is undesirable because the expenses would be high, with minimal income. Obtaining a college degree after four to five years is a preferable pathway for me because I am more interested in a hands-on experience.\ A
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