A Career In Cosmetology Essay

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Before I graduated from high school, I devised a five year plan for myself. First, I would attend SUNY Albany to obtain a degree in business. Then, I would attend a cosmetology school, acquire the 1,000 hours needed to take my state board exams, take those exams to finally secure my cosmetology license. All of this would eventually lead to opening my own salon in the future. About a month before my graduation, an ambulance bolted my mom to the hospital.
That day when I returned home from school, my mom’s boyfriend called me asking to speak to my grandmother. Typically, Gus would call my grandmother himself if he wanted to speak with her, which was rare. I found out about my mom going to the hospital from my grandmother after that phone call. The doctor told my family that a stroke afflicted her in the middle of the day. My mom confused the date with her birthday, had trouble getting words out and remembering our family member’s names. The nurse had to take her for walks periodically and exercise her legs and arms because they were weak. Seeing my mother in this condition made me appreciate my mother and everything she does for me tremendously. However, I was terrified for my mother’s health.
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Joining sides with the nurse, my family drilled the idea of nursing into my brain. Nursing and forfeiting my plan seemed to become a necessity for a successful life. After hearing people tell me what I should do, I eventually started to agree with them. The actions of my family along with the way it affected me could compare to when someone tells a lie enough times, they'll believe it to be true. I never believed I wanted to be something more than I did at that
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