A Career In High School: Personal Statement

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As a student who values the opportunity to work with his professors and peers, Northwestern seems to be a large fit. The unique research and lab opportunities presented at the school interest me. Particularly, the argalabb, or the Assistive and Rehabilitation Laboratory, and the Economics Group are what interest me. Throughout my life, I have been heavily involved with sports. Unfortunately, I have had to struggle through many injuries, having torn my wrist ligaments three times as well as hurting my back and knees. Although these injuries pale in comparison to those who live with crippling injuries and can no longer walk, stand, or perform simple daily functions, my own predicament led to me to being more involved and interested in ways to deal with physical issues.…show more content…
Furthermore, the Economics Group is another group that appeals to me. During high school, I was heavily interested in the economy, and even cofounded our high school’s stock market club, serving as its vice president for two years. This groups seems to take two areas I love and combine them. Northwestern engineering seems to have a diversity in their research opportunities and groups which appeals to me. Moreover, McCormick’s core values fit with my personal beliefs about learning. Essentially,what makes me passionate for learning is my desire to learn so that I can eventually use my knowledge in the future for the betterment of society. Specifically, the idea that an engineer must be “responsible for how every person is affected by their work” is something I feel to be true. I want to create positive advancement in the real world, something that Northwestern seems to emphasize this in their
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