A Career In Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement
Since mankind began there has been crime but more importantly, there has been people who are interested in stopping those who partake in crime. Though this job has been taken up by many throughout the years; the schooling, training, and daily tasks are by no means easy for the salary law enforcement officers are given.
The history of law enforcement began long ago but it hasn’t always been as regulated as we’re used to in today’s society. A source says “In ancient societies, there was no official law enforcement function and very little, if any, attempt at organization. Instead, individuals, families, and clans took it upon themselves to take revenge against those who may have injured or offended them. The idea of crime prevention was almost
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An article states, “The history of law enforcement dates back to pre-civilization when certain individuals were responsible for administering justice based on the customs of a clan or tribe. In some instances, that “kin policing” led to feuds that ultimately destroyed entire clans. Over the centuries, law enforcement roles and responsibilities have evolved to the point that anyone entering a law enforcement career today must, in addition to enforcing the law, be an expert at public and community relations” (law enforcement careers). It is stated here that it is expected of any law enforcement officer to be not only interested in the safety and protection of the law but also to keep a good relationship with the people being protected. Luckily it is no longer acceptable to be ignorant to the communication and community based aspects of this job because it what has made the job what it is today. Official or unofficial, law enforcement has been around in all places but Roufa says, “this concept of the modern police force soon found its way to the United States, though
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