A Career In Nonprofit Organizations

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For several years I’ve dedicated myself to the world of nonprofit, studying social issues and identifying the shortcomings and challenges among nonprofit organizations. The experiences I’ve had have intrigued my interest in many career paths such as entrepreneurship, social work, marketing, public relations, and administrative work. Although I’m not necessarily committed to any of these fields, through my advertising work with nonprofits, I found myself engrossed with marketing and public relations. Beginning my sophomore year of high school, I branded a nonprofit’s logo and understood how imperative a relationship between an organization and the community was for the success of any nonprofit. I’ve witnessed the changes public relations can make in the growth of nonprofit organizations and these achievements have been determinative of my interest in marketing management.…show more content…
I intend to immerse myself in the field of business with an emphasis in marketing and public relations to reach this mission. The practice of selling products or services is an aspect of a marketing career that has intrigued me from a young age; the field values both an intellectual business foundation and a desire for innovation, both traits I desire to

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