A Career In Special Education

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My decision and drive to become a special education teacher came with much thought and reflection. It was a cumulation of personal interests and soul searching; paired with motivation to create a career I am passionate about. I want to enrich the lives of students who daily enrich my life through their openness and continuously positive out look in life. My experience volunteering with special populations started when I was in sixth grade, and continued throughout high school. I was chosen by faculty to help during my elective period, in a special education class. Teachers and parents saw my sincere desire to help and contribute to each of these students. As years went on, and my education and awareness of special populations progressed; I took advantage of many volunteer opportunities to help with kids and adults with special needs. At CSU Chico, I volunteered at the Red Hen nursery which helped adults with disabilities join the work force. During my summers I spent time at a Camp Recreation summer camp which provided a fun and education filled camp experience for adults with disabilities. Recently I became a nanny for a ten year old boy named Gage, who has down syndrome. Since meeting Gage my life has truly been changed for the better. Seeing him progress and…show more content…
Being accountable and responsible each day, and always being one hundred percent committed to giving myself selflessly to the students. I am aware that this profession can be strenuous and stressful at times, but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs when you are able to see small steps as well as milestones in each of the students learning capabilities. There needs to be more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what a child cannot do. My goal is to become a caring and effective special educator. Being able to witness advancements that no one thought was
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