A Career : My Career As A Career

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Finding a career is a long process for some people, but it comes naturally to others. You think about what you want to be when you’re in kindergarten, when your imagination is running wild and you think every possibility is an actuality. As I have matured, I realized what career I choose is something that I love and will enjoy doing for the rest of my life which for me is to be a physical therapist. My career choice didn’t cross my mind until my senior year. Other kids would always talk about becoming a cop, a doctor, and silly things like a billionaire. I was growing and learning to find myself. My interests and hobbies became more prominent and it got me to realize later in my teen years that I have a goal set in my mind. My parents are my number one priority. I want to make them proud because they had a completely different life to mine. They didn’t have the same opportunities as me. Both of my parents come from Mexico and have built a great life for my brother and me here in the United States. I was born here and I want to take advantage of all the privileges I’m given. I think my interest in this field was when I started playing sports in junior high. I love running and I believe it’s one of my best talents. I have been running track for 6 years counting this year which is my last one. It was always my goal to become a better athlete and to be the competition for the other girls. I was also thinking about becoming a nutritionist my freshman year, but I started to
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