A Career Path For A Career In College

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These are questions that have plagued me during my whole time in college. What career path do I want to follow? Where do I want to be in in six years? How do I get there to begin with? What are ways for me to get contacts and network in the field of my choosing? In what field do I want my career to develop? Those are all questions that I have sought to answer during the writing of this paper. Therefore, let’s start by discussing what my current goals are, first graduating from college is the number one priority. Thereafter, I will like to apply for a job in either recreation or parks. Even though this seems like a career path slightly different from what my current major of sports management and recreation, there are a plethora of ways in which they are interconnected.
During our time in class I have discovered that, the most jobs related to my field are not exactly in the sports management side, but in the parks and recreation side of the major. Consumers now days are more willing to spend money on recreation than ever before. Therefore, leading to the job market of parks and recreation to be ever increasing in both the public and private sector. To accomplish my goals in the future, I must first be able to get my foot in the door, Internships in Miami-Dade County assistant director's office or the operations office seems to be the best way to get into a job with the county government. Nevertheless, there are skills that I must be proficient before attempting to continue
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