A Career That I Am Interested

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A career that I am interested in is teaching. Ever since I was a small child I knew I wanted to be some type of teacher. What is a teacher? To me a teachers is someone students look up to and are role models for their students. People see teachers in different perspectives. Some may see them as inspirations and others may see them as people they don’t want to have to deal with. Teachers can influence and inspire their students, which is something that I want to be able to do. There are many work activities that teachers do. Teaching also takes a certain amount of education, skill, and training. It is more likely to be a successful teacher if you have a set of specific personality traits.
There are three different types of levels teachers can teach. The first one is elementary school. The second one is middle school. Lastly, they can teach high school high school. To be a teacher you have to have a bachelor 's degree, which is four years (“Elementary...”). Teachers work in classrooms in order to teach their students the materials they need to known. The work environment for teachers can be hectic or it can also be calm depending on the day and students. Some days students may be loud, which can cause the teachers day to be hectic and stressful and others days they may be quiet. Teachers do a variety of activities when they work such as guiding students, instruct and monitor students, adapting new teaching strategies, organizing activities, establish and enforce rules,guide

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