A Career With Ethics : Research Paper Outline

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A Career with Ethics: Research Paper Outline 5

A Career with Ethics: Research Paper Outline

Greg Stella

ENG122: English Composition II


3/12/ 2016

Ethics is very important in all walks of life, whether pertaining to building a house or building a computer, it all comes down to doing the right thing. We would discuss how ethics is something that?s taught to someone by someone else and learned over a period of time while being applied to real life situations. Ethics is not something that is set in stone, each situation or event is never the same as another, and needs to be looked at carefully before making a final decision. We will learn how ethics is not something that you turn on and off like a faucet, you either act responsibly and ethically all the time or unethically and take the chance of ruining someone?s life including your own. We will discuss professional opinions on ethical computing, engineering, teaching and how they agree or disagree with each other?s point of view. Ethics is the most important issue in obtaining and holding a career because without ethics people treat each other differently, keeps more people law-abiding, and it sets standards of our own moral beliefs.
Mentors are needed to teach ethics, even more than textbooks.
According to Huff, Chuck; Furchert, Almut (2014)? If we want to teach ethical practice in computing, we must therefore ask what competencies, skills, or virtues are needed to translate ethical

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