A Career as a Geographical Information System Analyst

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GIS Analyst is a journey- level professional class requiring the application of a body of GIS theory and principles. The GIS Analyst completes standard professional level work assignments or projects. The position’s duties require interacting with multiple internal and/or external units or individuals to meet work requirements and objectives. The incumbent must have sufficient job content knowledge in the functional area to ensure standards are met. (“Unified Port of San Diego,” 2013) GIS Analyst makes $55,000-$75,000 annually. GIS Analyst general purpose is to plan, organize, coordinate, and participate in development of the geographic information system, participate in long term development of mapping and end user service objectives. GIS Analyst must know concepts and analytical techniques of GIS, along with computerized mapping, etc., GIS database administration, management principles, methods and techniques, knowledge of tools and applications, principles and practice of analysis and design, hardware and software applications, contract administration, and basic principles and practices for training and supervision. GIS Analyst need to have the ability to plan, organize, integrate, monitor, and maintain GIS; develop effective customer service; understand and analyze requirements, train others, organize and plan, work collaboratively, communicate effectively and establish working relationships. Have a degree from a 4 year college and university with a GIS major or
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