Essay A Career as a Nail Technician

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Nail Technician Many people like to do hands on things, for example a nail technician. When you like to work with people and able to make them feel better about themselves. Many people can walk into your store feeling down, well you as the nail technician can change that if they like the way you did the job and then also like it. At the end you are going to make your customer satisfied and you are going to also feel satisfied knowing that you did your job the best you could. Nail technician need much education to learn about the care of nails. Education is the key to become better in life, “... must be at least sixteen years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent, such as a general education diploma, or G.E.D.”…show more content…
For example 300 hours in needed in indiana and 240 in California. Requirement vary by state. Businesses must meet requirement of state which it is located. As you process with the career your choice keep in mind of the requirements needed. Not all the state required the same requirements “In all states except Connecticut you must pass a state exam after taking the course and receive a license to practice(state)” . Each state has it’s own requirements as a nail technician and other career. Finish the requirements is important to be able to get a license. Nail technician will grow int the future “ In 2010 a nail technician average was about $9.15 an hour (wages)”. Over the years this career been growing as well as the average wages. Many nail technicians places that take tips. A nail technician make work more then fourth hours per week“Nail technician usually work full time,so, you may work more then 40 hours per week especially in a full time salon (nail)”.Also other salon that will only let workers work for a limit of hours. A nail technician may only work 37 hours per week. As years past and the business of nail technician grew “the average hourly wage for a nail technician made $10.46 as of may 2011(average)”. This is a good thing for the business more people coming to get nails done. Disadvantage in the carer field that you
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