A Career as a Pharmacist Essay

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The flow of the medical community is dependent on every person employed there. The harmony it creates does not only come from the doctors or nurses, but the janitors, surgeons, receptionists, and even the pharmacists. Each job is necessary in order for the hospitals to function properly; for instance, the doctors diagnose the patient with their illness, prescribe them medication to cure it, and send them to the pharmacist, who then gives them their medication and sends them home. However, some jobs are overlooked more than others and do not receive the proper credit, like the pharmacist. Pharmacists are recognized for dispensing and sorting drugs, but their jobs help educate patients over their prescription and uphold the…show more content…
This career goes unnoticed because many do not see the importance of it. Without this field, the balance in the medical community would be disrupted due to patients not receiving their medication to sustain their life. Although this career may seem easy, there are important characteristics one must hold in order to be a successful pharmacist. The characteristics to become a pharmacist cannot be learned in college, it must be emphasized throughout the adolescent years. Some important features one needs to focus on are memorization, organization, being meticulous, and have a strong understanding of math and science. In the article “Top Skills You Need to be a Pharmacist”, the author states, “Before the pharmacist fills the prescription, they need to remember everything they learned […]. Pharmacists must know about hundreds of drugs — from their generic and brand names to their side effects and possible drug interactions” (Hart). Memorization is essential in order to be successful in this industry and is difficult to do. The organization skills of a future pharmacist must be top-notch because this field is based on it; medications need to be categorized by name, dosage amount, and amount of pills. Paying close attention to details is necessary as well because if there is

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