A Career as a Sales Associate

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Sports Retail Store I will be speaking of my first job working as a sales associate for a large corporate sports retailer (Sports Authority) I worked with employer for 3 years; during my employment I was in the company when they were acquired by an investment firm that changed the culture, brand, inventory management systems, employee training, and visual store setup to compete with its leading competition (Dicks Sporting Goods). The strategic mission for Sports Authority is to provide quality sporting goods to the budget minded consumer. Sports Authority implements itself in the sports retail community to make sure it has a vast quantity of goods; being known to have the lowest prices within the industry. They also have a strong customer focus, being that they strive in meeting the consumers’ needs by keeping current on current sport season trends. Primary focus during the acquisition change phase was to transition the sales floor layout; the store appearance from a barebones home-depot style setup changed over to a new department store layout. Reason for this change is that it was not appealing to female consumers to enter a home depot style sports store. Late pallet jacks and forklifts were normal on floor presence. Seasonal services also had changed; such as ski and snowboard repair and turning began being outsourced to local ski shops since the technical services where being dissolves to have more associates be on the floor focusing on customer service. This also
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