A Career as a Veterinarian Essay

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Veterinarians provide medical services for animals that are big and small. Helping sick animals weather they are big or small. They provide medicine for house pets and farm animals. When owners take there pet to the vet they are looking for someone to provide information to them about their animal. Some of the information given to the own is about how to properly care for your animal to make sure it grows the right why. Veterinarians are there to help animals no matter the size. The amount of education that is required to become a veterinarian is a lot, but it will be worth it. To be a veterinarian you should take as much math and science as you can. Taking math and science classes is very important because those are the two classes…show more content…
This College is 202.3 miles away and I think it would be good to get out of Corcoran to be able to do what I love to do. I would move to Pomona to attend the western university of health science because it would be a good school to go to. This College is far enough away that I would have to move away to attend but I think it would be worth it. Both of these Colleges are good places to go to have a good opportunity. The Amount of money you make depends on how much experience you have in the work area. “Earnings for veterinarians depend on experience, responsibilities, location, and employer” (John). When getting in to the work force of a veterinarian the amount of money you earn depends on what you can and cannot do. If you do not know as much as everyone else that just started out then you do not make as much money. Going to school and learning as much as you can then you can make a bunch of money. If at first school does not help you then keep on going at it and you can learn more then you ever thought you would. There is nothing wrong with needing more help when it comes to school if it helps you later in life to make more money. When first going in you can make $74,820 annually, median wage $96,260 and experienced wage is $123,500. The more you know the better chance of making more money. The amount of money you make depend on the amount of experience. References
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