A Career as an Event Manager

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As an Event Manager of ABC London Events Co., I would like to announce that I am planning to arrange and organize either a Classical Music Event in Kensington Town Hall or an open Concert a popular band in Hyde Park, celebrating our 5 successful years of our performance in our company since its launch in September, 9th 2009. This event will be done as a motivational and thankful movement to our workforce and employees for their outstanding and truthful performance to enhance our company to its top success. As asked, I would like to present my report with a comparative analysis of operational important issues and risks that could faced in these 2 venues. And at the end, I would like to present my personal opinion regarding which venue or event will be more suitable to our company. First, I will talk in brief about our company, regarding age, income and nationality. To begin with, the age; regarding the age, most of our workforce in our company are from the youth with the age starting form 22 years old till 35 to 40 years old. Depending on the age differences we have, going to a classical musical event would sound classy. According to the income, it varies between the employees and according to their positions. But the income distribution here moderate between the employees according to their performance and positions in our company. We provide for our employees the health care insurance, transportation to our employees who live in far distance from our location of the
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