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Every year millions of people die from cancer or cancer related complications. A career in oncology allows one the opportunity to specialize in the care, treatment, and research to help those with this devastating disease. Cancer is a complicated disease that causes severe illness. The complications from the disease process results in death around the world. Oncologists’ works together with other medical team members in helping patients through cancer treatment live with the disease or die with dignity. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal blood cells rapidly multiply causing significant medical complications that often results in death (DeVita). When the initial cancer diagnosis is discussed with the patient and family, the news…show more content…
For many years surgical intervention was the only treatment for cancer (Longo). Surgery is the original and oldest treatment for cancer according to the American Cancer Society (DeVita). In the early 1800’s, surgery was limited and with significant risk, but was still done to relieve the pain associated with cancer. Theodore Billroth in Austria in 1860 performed the first successful surgery on a cancer patient. In 1889, William Halsted developed and performed the surgical procedure: a radical mastectomy. This procedure is the removal of the cancer tumor, the surrounding breast tissue including the muscle. This was the first surgical procedure performed in the United States for cancer treatment (Longo). Surgical cancer intervention has evolved over the years, becoming more successful as a supportive cancer treatment option. There are many types of surgeries performed on cancer patients to diagnose, treat or to control pain. The Curative surgery option removes the cancer tumor from the body. The Preventive Surgery option is used to remove tissue that does not have cancer but may develop into a cancerous tumor (DeVita). Another type of surgery performed on cancer patients is the Staging surgery, this surgery works to reveal the extent of cancer for further treatment options (DeVita). The Diagnostic Surgery option removes a tissue sample for testing for cancer. The Palliative Surgery option treats cancer to

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