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Have you ever wondered how police officers know who to arrest for a crime? Well in order to catch criminals, evidence and witnesses must be gathered. Those who perform these tasks are known as detectives. Detectives are also known as criminal investigators. I have always liked solving mysteries and, that is exactly what detectives or criminal investigators do. I was inspired to pursue this career by the television series “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. I watch this series a lot and, the show gave me a televised perception of what the career might be like. There are many risks when considering becoming a detective. However, the benefits and end results outweigh the risks and disadvantages of becoming a detective. A detective is a…show more content…
“Employment of detectives is projected to grow 5% from 2012 to 2022, slower than any other occupation.” (Criminal Justice Jobs) In other words, it would be difficult to obtain this career because of the duration of employment of current detectives. However, detectives held about 780,000 jobs in 2012. Also there are many alternatives besides becoming a detective. These careers include: private detectives, federal investigators, and crime scene investigators. It is a long process when becoming a detective. In college, classes such as: English, American history, business law, government, psychology, sociology, chemistry, and physics are suggested. Before becoming a detective, one must attend a law enforcement academy, providing the officer with a foundation of education with sixteen to twenty-four college units in criminal justice or administration of criminal justice. (Morkes 677) After graduation from the law enforcement academy the officer undergoes job training with a field training officer for a period specified by the law enforcement agency and continues to work while on a probationary period, ranging from one to two years. During the probationary period, the officer is assigned to look for evidence. During this time, the officer is supervised and mentored by a sergeant with years of experience. Some officers further their college education by attending a two-year or

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