A Career in Massage Therapy Essay

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Massage Therapy

What kind of career is Massage Therapy? A very interesting and productive career which I would enjoy pursuing. Some reasons that this would be a good career for me are that it pays well, education is not extensive, it helps others, and it is something I am good at and enjoy doing.

There are as many options when it comes to a career in massage as there are people in the field. It can be a full or part-time occupation. There are a variety of places to do massage, many kinds of massage to do, and many different types of patients. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options.

Starting with two main options, a massage therapist can start their own business or work for someone else. However, there are many
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If you are into sports, now days there are also many sports teams that use massage therapists to increase players’ performance. Increased performance is also going into the business world; many corporations are staffing massage therapists because relaxation reduces stress and headaches. When these physical negatives are reduced, more work gets accomplished with fewer complaints.

In addition to the different possibilities when it comes to where you want to work, there are variances in income. Hourly rates for massage work ranges anywhere from 25 to 150 dollars. Some factors that influence the cost of a massage are setting (spa vs. hospital), region of the country (East Coast vs. Midwest), location (big city vs. small town), and the experience of the therapist (beginner vs. experienced professional). Part-time practitioners working fewer than 40 hours a week average less than $20,000. The median income for therapists treating more than fifteen clients per week is $32,500. However, therapists that have been doing private practice for some time may net $40,000-$60,000 or more. How much money you make depends on where you work, your goals, skills, and initiative.

Many people think that, “a massage is a massage,” but that assumption is far from the truth. There are many types of massage including Swedish massage, Sports massage, Shiatsu, Trager, Reiki, and the Alexander Technique.

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