Essay about A Career in Mental Health Nursing

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What is it that makes choosing a career so difficult? Is it the fact that many people mainly choose a career they live off for the rest of their lives? Or is it just that they are scared of the difficulties and obstacles that will come through their path? Many students choose the usual careers: nursing, doctors, mechanics, or just working at a gas station. It all depends on where and if the student decides to go to college and what degree they are looking forward to earning.
Becoming a mental health nurse would be a good choice because it pays very well. Students are recommended to go to college and get their Bachelors and Masters’ degree. It will take a lot of studies but it will be worth it.
“Most of us take our mental health for
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“Mental health nurse also work with families of patients to make sure that patients are getting all the help that they can. In addition, they may play a roll in educating the community about mental health issues.” (Career Cruising) Depending on what they choose, mental health nurses can help either children or the elder. Many work with those who are a danger to themselves and others. “Some mental health nurses are trained and assigned to work within the prison populations. Some may work with those who have substances abuse problems.”
Mental health nurses work in many areas such as, hospitals, clinics, schools, prisons, and some government agencies. Depending on the nurses’ shifts, some who work full time work a total of forty hours a week. Nurses who work in clinics or hospitals have rotating shifts, meaning evenings and weekends. During the “student” stage of nursing need to be able to understand the patients origins. A disadvantage to this job would be, depending on whom nurses work with, this job can become stressful. The patients the nurses work with can be emotional in several ways including being aggressive. Traveling to the patients house may be required and other various community sites.
It is highly recommended to take certain courses in high school if you are interested in the health care field. Depending on the employer, education requirements vary. “However, at the minimum you must first become a registered nurse by earning a
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