A Career in Speech and Language Pathology

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He is not getting good grades because he has trouble understanding information and communicating. His parents want to help him ,but do not know how. That is when speech and language pathologists come to the rescue. Speech and language pathologists help kids, teens, and adults overcome their oral and mental difficulties. They specialize in the field of helping the physically impaired, mentally impaired and behavioral disorders. The main issues they deal with are stuttering, mispronunciation, troubles communicating with others, troubles sharing thoughts, and troubles articulating (Connelly 44). Speech pathologists are required to attend many years of school to receive their Masters Degree and are paid a good amount, and their career gives them a rewarding prize of being able to strengthen their students minds to help them understand and learn better. Like all jobs there is a certain amount of education that an employee must complete in order to get the job he or she is wishing to do. Specifically, speech and language pathologists go through getting there bachelors and masters degree (“Speech Language Pathologist - Career Profile” 1). Before even entering the world of college people aspiring to practice this job should take english, public speaking, physiology, social sciences, math, and biology classes (“Careers in Speech-Pathology” 3).…
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