A Career in Sports Courses Essay

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I am applying for sports courses as I have an interest in a range of sports and am looking to go into a career where I can make the most of this interest. Through my years at school I have always taken any opportunity to participate in any sport open to me, though my chosen sport is now rowing, where I have competed internationally.
I also used to compete at national level in judo. From my experiences of these sports, and because I spend so much time training with my team mates we all feel quite close to each other and it encourages a friendly, competitive atmosphere. I enjoy this as being competitive ultimately leads to better results and I feel these flows over into my school life as well. The main reason I like rowing are the mental
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This meant I was working with children who had a range of abilities, which gave me experience in how to set up different levels of exercises for one group and also helped me with my time management and organisation skills.
In my current course I have learned a wide range of sporting related knowledge. I have also been placed in various environments through work experience which has enabled me to pick up skills I would not have otherwise. I am currently doing voluntary work experience in a leisure centre which has enabled me to be in contact with many different people, and this has developed my social skills beyond what they would have been otherwise.
Additionally I am also studying an Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructing course, in this course I learn even more about how to work with minority groups, such as disabled and older people. This was one of my main motivations for studying this course, though it also is helping me towards my eventual goal of being a successful personal trainer.
Whilst at university I hope to gain more knowledge and qualifications which will support me in progressing into a successful career in the sporting industry. I eventually want to get into personal training or high level coaching, so that I can give back into the world of sport which has provided me with so many life changing opportunities and experiences. I also hope to continue
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