A Career in Surgery

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Did you know that surgeons make one of the highest amounts of money a job can make? Surgeons spend much of their days saving lives and working hard. Pediatric surgeons work specifically with children and young adults. These professional people have years of studying and hours of training. They work to their full potential and are always working to help people. Pediatric surgeons specialize and have certain qualities to be able to do the job that they do. Pediatric surgery is a career that requires years of studying and experience, but is a career that is rewarded by earning an above average salary, saving many children’s lives daily, and knowing that they are making a difference in the world.
Surgeons are a special type physicians who
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There are many stages and on the job training to become the highest level (“Careerinfonet.org” 5). “Surgical specialties require additional training of one to three years” (28). There are many different types of surgeons (28). Some of the types of surgeons are pediatric, orthopedic, neurological, and cardiothoracic (28).
If one is willing to go through all the hours of studying and training to get to the point where they really can use and make a difference with this occupation, they are really determined, which one of the main qualities surgeons must have is. They must be determined to not only get through all the studying, but also must be willing to know that not all of their treatments for patients will heal them. Surgeons must be able to provide customer services, and personal services (“Careerinfonet.org” 2). Surgeons must follow confidentiality, surgical, and emergency medical procedures (4). Surgeons must be good at working under pressure (Ferguson 28). Surgeons must be able to deal with the fact that some situations could be life or death (Ferguson 28). Surgeons must have ability to diagnose and treat injures, diseases, and deformities (2). Some of the main skills that a surgeon needs to possess include: active listening, problem solving, critical thinking, reading comprehension, speaking, and as previously stated determination (“Careerinfonet.org 2). Active listening involves the
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