A Career of My Choosing

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Everyone hopes to be something great when they grow up, whether it is a fairy princess, a rodeo cowboy, or a popular superhero. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a dentist. Through this discovery at a young age, I found it to be a career that would be suitable for me because it had seemed that I was always having something done in a dentist’s office. Remembering the many times I would have to go and sit in a reclining chair at the dentist’s office , getting teeth pulled, getting braces, or having my wisdom teeth removed. For whatever reason I was there, I was content and saw my time at the dentist’s office to be a great opportunity to learn what it is a dentist really does. I had the opportunity to work with various …show more content…
Asking Dr. Moses what advice he would give to someone who is currently pursuing the career he has excelled in, he stated that “Dentistry is a profession that requires a lot of hard work, but if you give it your all, you’ll surely succeed. Knowing that to truly remain successful, one must care for others in a deep way” (Cranston). His words allowed me the opportunity to grasp unknown knowledge of having talked with an individual in my field, I interviewed Dr. Jerilyn Swann, the Associate Professor of Biology. Dr. Swann was a terrific help, in the sense that I was able to receive relevant advice. Asking her if declaring oneself a biology major would be of benefit, she simply stated that dental schools are looking for certain credentials from potential students and I believe you would receive beyond what is required of you, as a biology major (Swann). Through Dr. Swann’s guidance, I have begun the process of declaring a biology major and have made her my advisor. Her knowledge has opened my eyes greatly and has allowed me to see that my dreams are obtainable through hard work. By deciding to be a dentist there will be difficult times ahead and because of those trials, I may question my decision. No matter what may happen in the near future, I know I’ll be able to obtain what is needed to become an

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