Essay on A Case Against Abortion

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How would you feel if someone tried to kill your mom or dad? A baby inside the mother’s womb is a pure creation and life from God; now imagine someone killing the baby. Killing a child is murdering a pure soul without knowing his or hers purpose in life. Pregnancy is the enjoying fulfillment in a happier life, having a fruitful relationship with your spouse, and to bring the family closer together. Abortion is an operation to end pregnancy or to prevent by removing the embryo from the womb. The definition sounds horrible, but women actually go through this just so they may live a life without a child “weighing them down.” Abortion has been in the world since the 1550 Before Christ in the Egyptian era, also during the Greek and Roman age.…show more content…
Women who go through an abortion have the emotions of a solider afterwards they have no expression and cannot even feel their emotions. Few weeks after the abortion many women have negative feelings, later they experience guilt, and some have sleeping problems, then they have regrets, and finally they are given medication from a doctor. Women have a load of guilt for having an abortion; some women want to be pregnant to recover from the loss of their first. Girls at the age of seventeen have many psychosocial problems; they either have withdrawal, depression, self-reproach, obsession to become pregnant again, and fast marriages (“The Psychological Effects of Abortion”). These symptoms are perfect reasons that abortion in itself is highly unnatural and not something our moral souls deem justifiable. Yet women consider abortion to be a logical solution to the “problem”. The problem is not the child; society itself has labeled unwanted pregnancy as reasonable cause for abortion. Life was and still is a gift from God, but man has turned this gift on itself to something less meaningful and valuable. What gives man the right to decide whether or not a child should be suctioned or deteriorated from the womb? Where’s the justice in that? Modern-day society no longer values justice through religion. Instead of banning the murdering of an infant, courts are allowing marijuana to be purchased for “recreational” use. Priorities are
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