A Case Against Evolution Of Public Schools

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A Case Against Evolution in Public Schools
Evolution is the most popular theory currently taught in public high schools, and is widely accepted as a sound scientific concept to teach. However, it is equally true that many disagree with evolution and many of its concepts as an explanation of the origin of life on our planet, and it is thus my opinion that evolution should not even be taught in public science classes, as it is not scientifically sound, nor should be a part of a wide variety of concepts taught to students that that should also include intelligent design, creationism, or any other number of theories that have just as much of validity as evolution.

Here, we will discuss why evolution as a scientific theory is flawed, and that errors were made by Charles Darwin in the formulation of his theory, which is why school children should be taught not to blindly except the scientific concept as true without understanding how to critically evaluate the concept for themselves and perhaps even a better answer.
For centuries, even as science has progressed, many scientists have made observations, and tested them only to have their theories debunked. Science is about an ongoing discovery and everyone thinks they have the answers. The philosophy of science has changed throughout time, and it is not as universally accepted as before that the source of scientific rationale can only be found in methods. For example, the Miasma Theory, the cause of how cholera was believed to be…
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