A Case Analysis Of Kat Through The Adlerian Therapy

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Case Analysis Kat Marjorie Morales Case Analysis I-Rationale: I chose to analyze the case of Kat through the Adlerian Theory Approach because the Adlerian Therapy is a growth model. It stresses a positive view of human nature and that individuals are in control of their own fate and should not be a victim to it. Individuals start at an early age in creating their own unique style of life and that style stays relatively constant through the remained of their life. That individuals are motivated by how their setting of goals, how they should deal with the tasks they face in life, and their social interest. As Kat’s therapist I will gather as much family history as I can. Since she is the oldest of four children, she had to help care for them and she was raised in a strict religious household that made her rebel. Kat seems that as the eldest she always had to be an example for her siblings. I will then use this data to help set goals for Kat and also get an idea of her past performance. This will help make certain the goal is not to low or high, and that Kat has the means to reach it. The goal of Adlerian Therapy is to challenge and encourage the Kat’s premises and goals. I would counsel Kat and encourage her to reach her goals that are useful socially and to help her feel equal. Kat’s goals maybe possibly from any component of life including, ending substance-abuse relationships and destructive relationships that she has had. As Kat’s therapist I will focus on

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