A Case At Beenleigh Magistrates Courthouse

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In the human services field it’s likely workers will have contact with the court and legal system. The differences in the human services profession and the legal systems can become challenging for workers. Such as dissimilarities in prerogatives and values, prove this challenge for human services workers (Kennedy, Richards, & Leiman, 2013). Human service work practice requires an understanding of social policy’s impact in specific areas. As practitioners grasping how theories concerning fundamental principals of social policy have implications for human services agencies and for the individuals who are the users of the services (Carson & Kerr, 2014). This paper will discuss a case observed at Beenleigh Magistrates Courthouse. It will also look at the multiple roles and responsibilities of Human Service professionals appearing in the legal system, as well as the importance of ethical writing and possible tensions between the legal system and human services profession. On my court visitation I observed a breach of DVO and bail conditions case, at the Beenleigh Magistrates Court, on Tuesday 15th. The Beenleigh Magistrate sits on the bottom of the Australian legal hierarchy of courts. Most criminal and some civil cases are first heard here. The purpose of this court is if an individual is charged with a criminal offence, they must be brought before the Magistrates Court. The role and responsibilities of the court personnel, is to decide if there is enough evidence required for

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