A Case Discussion On Eczema

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A CASE DISCUSSION ON ECZEMA Abstract Eczema is a form of dermatitis where inflammation of epidermis occurs. The exact cause of eczema is not known. Although it is activated by the immune system and is related to allergic reactions, it is not the same as other allergic reactions. Controlling eczema more effectively can make a radical improvement to the patient 's quality of life. A case report of an 11-year-old male who has a severe eczema presented with complaints of rashes, intense itchy and may scale and blisters has been presented here. Keyword: Eczema. Introduction The word eczema comes from the Greek word ekzein meaning “to boil out”; word ek means “out”, while zema means boiling (Varanasi, 2000 in Hedge et.al, 2010). The exact cause of eczema is not known. People with eczema do have the IgE antibodies (immunoglobulin E) produced by the immune system as part of allergic reactions. Eczema can be a difficult and frustrating condition. The psychological challenge faced by the patients of eczema is insurmountable. The natural human desire to scratch an itchy rash just makes the condition worse. In 2009 a study carried out by scientists at the University of Edinburgh concluded that the defects in a particular gene known as the filaggrin gene are linked to a considerably amplified risk of developing allergic disorders such as eczema, rhinitis, and asthma (Varanasi, 2000 in Hedge et.al, 2010). The typical locations of eczema include the face (scalp and around the eyes), the
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