A Case For Early Art Education

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Nowadays, parents and schools are shifted heavily to mathematic and reading, how about art? Some schools do not even have Art because of the reasons that art education is luxury. Schools need to purchase the materials, and sometimes they need to plan an out-of-school trip, which makes them waste money on the material and time on planning for an unimportant discipline. However, art education benefits students in many different ways. In the article, the Development of Self through Art: A Case for Early Art Education, the author cited, " Early childhood educators have long felt that art had much to teach us about the world and ourselves (Bleiker, 1999). From the brain of Art, it is obvious that there are several areas of the brain are developed for Art. In addition, "the arts play an important role in human development, and learning the arts provides a higher quality of human experience throughout a person's lifetime (Fisher, Immordino-Yang, p 331-332).
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