A Case For Shortening The School Week

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A Case for Shortening the School Week from Five days to Four Days Latina Puder Liberty University Abstract This paper includes a reference list of literature relating to the pros and cons of changing a five day school week to a four day school week. In general, the literature seems to indicate that most of the reasoning behind this change is to lower energy and fuel costs as well as cut budgets to an affordable rate. Academic progress is evaluated in some cases and discussion of what decisions have been made in the use of the fifth unscheduled day have been researched. Some suggest to use the “off” day for professional development as well as an opportunity to offer additional student extracurricular activities. The difficulty of finding childcare for the unscheduled school day seemed to be an issue that was more prevalent in suburban school districts rather than rural districts. Each individual school district had to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the shortened week and decide what worked best for their students, teachers, community. Keywords: four day school week, shortened school week A Case for Shortening the School Week from Five Days to Four Days Education today has a common goal of making things better in whatever way possible. The most popular trend seems to be to add more school hours, extend days, and lengthen the school year. There is a trend however, that is gaining popularity among a few rural school districts. This idea

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