A Case Involving An Intellectually Disabled Adult Female Essay

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Death by Pulmonary Embolism This paper will specifically focus on a case involving an intellectually disabled adult female who was reported to be experiencing sudden onset shortness of breath. Upon arrival of EMS, the patient’s caretaker escorted the responding personnel to a back room where the patient was sitting upright in bed and appearing cyanotic throughout the face. Upon initial assessment, it was determined that the patient was both pulseless and apneic indicating the need to begin immediate resuscitation efforts. This patient was transported under the strong suspicion that she was suffering from a pulmonary embolism which resulted in cardiac arrest. Care of this patient was transferred at the hospital where resuscitation efforts were continued by emergency room staff with no success. The ultimate goal of this report is to discuss the pulmonary circuit as well as the implications of impaired circulation within the lungs. This case study also aims to identify key clinical findings of pulmonary embolisms and signs of deterioration in an effort to help improve prehospital recognition within the EMS community. Normal Physiology In a normally functioning body, the various tissues, organs, and organ systems rely on a constant state of perfusion, which as defined by Caroline (2013), “is the circulation of oxygen and nutrients at the cellular level and removal of waste products of metabolism for elimination.” Perfusion throughout the body is achieved by a number of

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