A Case Law Study Of Larry And Rodger

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Introduction It is a normal scenario for a person to rent a property, such a house for a given period. While this might seem to be a simple process, it should be understood that any time a tenant enters into a deal with the landlord, there is always a set of laws and regulations that define their tenant-landlord relationship. The tenant-landlord rights, obligations and responsibilities are outlined in landlord and tenant law, whereby every important aspect of the tenancy agreement is stated. This paper will focus on a case law study of Larry and Rodger, focusing on their legal rights and responsibilities as a landlord and tenant respectively, but from the perspective of a mediator. The rights and obligations/responsibilities of the…show more content…
Some of his /her rights are; receiving the rent agreed upon, as well as implementing all the agreements in which the tenant agreed upon. The property owner has the right to have the possession of the property or premises, upon the expiration of the lease. He or she has the right to expect/require the tenant to handle the rented premises in a manner that would not destroy the property. Some of the landlord’s responsibilities or regulations include; ensuring that he or she abides to all the agreements that they both entered or agreed on. To offer security and ensure the tenant is safe from disturbances and evictions by strangers. The landlord is also bounded by his or her express covenant to refurbish and maintain the property, unless he or she agreed with the tenant not to be responsible for such occurrences (Brown et al. 2015). A landlord usually enters into an agreement with the tenant. A tenant refers to the one who pays the rent to occupy or use a building or a premise owned by the landlord. Just like the landlord, a tenant enjoys a number of rights and responsibilities. For example, some of the tenants’ rights are as follows; the commercial right to pay for a comfortable property. A tenant has the residential right to be aware of the terms of the tenancy. He or she has the right to reasonably fast and effective repairs if they report any damage. A tenant also has the right to safe accommodation and ensuring that all the provided items meet
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