A Case Management Software System

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CRITICAL FACTS • In year 2000 FBI begun developing a case management software system named as "Virtual Case Files(VCF)",the total estimated cost of the project was over $170 million. Eventually the project was abandoned in April 2005 (Marchewka, 2010). • The forward motion for the project was due to the FBI’s aging technology infrastructure that included 386-based personal computers and a 12-year-old network system (Marchewka, 2010). • In year 2000, Congress allocated almost $340 million for the proposed FBI Information Technology Upgrade Project (FITUP) that was further divided into three parts and renamed it as" Trilogy".(Marchewka, 2010). • Project included an enterprise-wide upgrade of hardware, software and the implementation of a…show more content…
• Risky implementation strategy called "flash cutover" which could replace the existing ACS BY developing a new case management system with a commitment between FBI and SAIC. (Marchewka, 2010). In other words, "You build this big system and when it is ready ,you turn the old one off and turn the new one on"(Knorr, 2005). • Joint Application Development sessions with SAIC engineers and other experts to identify the requirements of new VCF system. (Marchewka, 2010). • In year December 2003 ,17 defendencies were identified when SAIC delivered the first product then soon to 50+ and finally 400 problems were observed with that software. (Knorr, 2005). • In year December 2004, SAIC delivered the workflow functional application called IOC (Initial Operating capability)that would automate the case management document approval process(Knorr, 2005). • The system contained 100% of the requirements that are mentioned by the customer that they want in the IOC system(Knorr, 2005). ANALYSIS : Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) is a government agency that works under United states department of justice that assists in intelligence agency as well as the criminal investigation. FBI is at present having hard time with the data today. There is need for FBI to have modernized Infrastructure and technology that would replace the FBI 's antiquated case management system which is nothing but the project Virtual Case Files (VCF). It
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