A Case Management System For Cultivated Vital Planning And Performance Controls

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Abstract The business issue to be solved is how to better advance operational productivities, lower costs, and increase insight into the interface of the document management system with a more technological improved case management system for cultivated vital planning and performance controls. Organizational Background The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is the Dallas County Clerk Criminal Section and its current mainframe/document management systems. The county clerk serves as the clerk of both the county court and the commissioners court ("District and County Clerk", 2014, pg.1). It maintains the official records of the same courts, as well as receives monetary assets in fines and fees…show more content…
I will be focusing on two of these systems, Mainframe and the DMS. The Mainframe system is an antiquated system that can no longer support the current needs of the division. Mainframe has much involved with its use, an aging workforce, and high mainframe costs, lack of innovation and flexibility and technological security risks. As the society and current Texas standards require electronic filing and business process via e-machines, kiosks and among other items. Not only is the current two systems substantially ineffective operation of technology, the need of non-standardized systems pounds the ability of management to access, manage and illustrate analytical data components for strategic planning purposes and routine performance inspection. High level Solution In order to better effectively manage of converting dual case management systems and interfacing the documents into the cases, I will propose that the Criminal Division purchase an existing criminal justice case management system that will allow the interface of the currently used document management system, On Base (Hyland Product). This will meet the broadest needs of all of our end users and will streamline the IT functionalities of manipulating the antiquated mainframe system as well as combine the current On
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