A Case Manager At An Outpatient Clinic

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Ms.C was a case manager at an outpatient clinic that provided a variety of services. One of her clients was Ms. R, who was receiving services as a result of a recent divorce. Ms. C had also experienced a divorce in her past and though she had effectively dealt with that experience, but found herself identifying with many comments by Ms. R. Through their work together, the two women realized they shared many common interests. They often found themselves talking about these shared interests in their time together and eventually began meeting for coffee after their sessions. Ms. R soon suggested they begin spending additional time together socially and Ms. C agreed. Before long, they became fast friends, spending significant amount of social time together on evenings and weekends, visiting clubs, going to movies or visiting local restaurants. After several months, the two had a falling out about a gentleman both women favors. Ms. R filed a complaint with the Regulatory agency in her state about the relationships. Throughout this paper this case will be analyzed including the harmful effects of the relationship on all parties involved in the helping relationship, the social and emotional impacts of the relationship, the effect on the treatment relationship, the likely outcome of Ms. R’s complaint if filed in New York State, and the strategies to minimize the likelihood of such a relationship arising. There are a few things within this case scenario which could cause
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