A Case Of A Six Sigma Dmaic Implementation

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss on yet another case of a Six Sigma DMAIC implementation. A leading waste management company has partnered with a TMS software provider to pick trash and recycle the waste. However, the process had a lot of inefficiencies in their implementation. This paper is a collaboration of suggestions and improvements on how the company can better utilize the DMAIC process.
The company in context sees in a lot of downtime due to the poor implementation of the TMS software, in spite of all their efforts, the trucks of the company were not able to function according to the schedules on their record sheets. The organization basically followed an agenda to serve the customers, a schedule was sent every week by the TMS (Transport Management System), this was then implemented throughout the entire branch. The branch managers were noticing a lot of revenue loss due to this setup, a lot of delay in route was noticed. Based on an audit by the branch directors, the problem was identified to be faulty address in the TMS systems. The firm and administration together have decided to adopt to the Six Sigma DMAIC process to overcome this. The organization strived to augment time, fuel efficiency and better quality with an extreme objective of decreasing its cargo consumption and enhance routes, with an end goal to overhaul its operations. The organization has optimized the TMS system in order to identify the separations between two customer areas and…
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