A Case Of Social And Disruptive Innovation

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Usually, technology entrepreneurs are motivated to open a business because they believe they have an innovative product or service that meet a demand from society and can generate profit. Sometimes, their proposal are innovative indeed, and sometimes not. In this context, identify innovation opportunities and challenges are crucial to define the company’s business model and, consequently the plan for the success. This case study will evaluate the company Fairphone in this regard. First, we will introduce the company briefly followed by its business model. Then, we will present the SWOT analysis that will be the base for this study. After that, we will explain why we believe that Fairphone is a case of social and disruptive innovation. Next, we will indicate the concept of opportunity and challenges that will guide the analysis. Finally, the innovation opportunities will be detailed, including the possible counterpoints identified when appropriate, and the same will be done with the challenges before the case study conclusion. Fairphone is a company from Netherlands that was founded in 2013. On the one hand, at first sight, it may seem that its main activity is to produce smartphone in a responsible way. Additionally, it is possible to think that the business doesn’t look to work massively, because, until now, according to Abel, B. V. (2014), the company’s CEO, it sold about 52,000 mobiles of its unique product that is in its first edition. This number doesn’t look so
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