A Case On Proactive Death Such As Physician Assisted Suicide

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This essay will reveal different case studies on proactive death such as physician-assisted suicide, pro-life principles to natural death emphasis on life at conception and the circumstances under which proactive efforts are permissible.
Physicians assisting in suicide deaths are not productive in this area because some not trained in this field of expertise. Moll assert, doctors, are of little help. They have no training in how to discuss end-of-life issues with families and patients, so they avoid the conversation and call on other staff trained in this area. (88) Moll also points out, "people wants to be cared for, even if they do not want every possible procedure performed on them." (88) The best thing for people to do is discuss their end-of-life arrangements before major decision making is needed so the doctors, hospital staff and family members would not have to deal with the stress of this situation.
According to Humphry physician-assisted suicide is giving a patient a legal drug to help them die. (2) When patients give up on life because of intense pain and not wanting their family to see them go through so much suffering, and lose hope in God, they turn to self-murder with assistance. Humphry also states, "assisting in dying means being present during the happening and giving love and moral support to the act."(19) Christians whether relatives, church members or friends, use their faith and trust in God to comfort people in time of sorrow and grief. In spite of

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