A Case Report on Jones & Blair Co

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Case Report: The case is about the "Jones/ Blair Co." headquartered in Dallas, Texas that manufactures paint in more than 50 states. Companies that supply paint and the various coatings generally make a profitable business in the US (particularly in terms of the more common architectural paint) although environmental laws exist that cause challenges to the companies too. Competition, slow sales growth, obligation to conform to government regulations, and investment in research and development has led to decline in companies since 1980. Some distribute their products nationally; others, such as Jones & Blair, are regional. Until now, Jones & Blair has managed to successfully compete with other paint manufacturers despite the challenges. Competition, however, has steadily risen, and with it prices too. Jones & Blair, however, have the advantages that the other companies have not, as yet, managed to attract the large do-it-yourself segment nor 200 professional painters outside the Dallas-Fort worth (DFW) metropolitan area (the company's major business and financial center) or the professional firms within that locus. Statistics shows that home centers and retail stores, as well as places such as Wal-Mart are the most common locations for purchasing paint by do-it-yourself painters. Professional painters largely frequented specialty paint stores and lumberyards. Statistics also showed that do-it-yourself painters constituted the largest segment of consumers of
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