A Case Scenario Within A Correctional Facility

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The purpose of this paper is to present a case scenario within a correctional facility, define the housing population, including the number of pregnant females. The paper will give details as to the role of the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and how the FNP will implement her fit into the facility. The State Board of Nursing for my state will be identified, and the Nurse Practice Act will be referenced as to their support of role implementation for the FNP and end with a conclusion. Scenario On 04/28/15 Jane Doe 23 year old rape victim was processed into the Jax Correctional Facility at 6 weeks pregnant. Information was revealed that she was on medication for an abortion completion, Jane Doe had taken two of the three pills prescribed; she would require the permission to continue her treatment while incarcerated to take the last pill in the regimen. Explained to patient all medications had to be verified and approved by the Family Nurse practitioner (FNP) prior to administration. FNP was informed of the patient’s health status with a need to continue medication while incarcerated, the FNP chose not to participate with the administration of medication for the health condition of this patient. Type and clients Jax Correctional is a Pretrial Detention Facility that houses inmates until they are scheduled to go to trial, or has been sentenced for a year or less. At present time this facility is the third largest correctional facility in the state of Florida. The
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