A Case Study And Treatment Plan For Marilyn Monroe

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A Case Study and Treatment Plan for Marilyn Monroe:
Borderline Personality Disorder
Anita Daswani deMena
Hodges University
June 12, 2015

Abstract There are many factors which may have had an effect on Marilyn Monroe’s psychological state. I will attempt to prove in my case study and treatment plan, that if Marilyn Monroe had lived in the time period we live in today she would have been better able to be overcome her struggle with mental illness. If treated for Borderline Personality Disorder (F60.3/ 301.83) at an early age it is possible that Norma Jean Baker would most likely lived a healthy long life. It would be important to consider the possibility of this disorder co-occuring with depression or co-morbid with a substance abuse related disorder. If treated properly, Monroe may never have struggled with substance abuse, which included sleeping pills on a regular basis, drinking to intoxication, and using drugs on set. It is my belief that Monroe 's genetic predisposition, childhood, time period (including a male dominant culture that rejected Psychological disorders) set her up for failure. These obstacles did not allow for normal development. If Marilyn lived in a less judgmental and more psychologically aware society it is possible she could have overcome her battle with mental illness. Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which did not exist in Monroe 's lifetime may have provided much insight into Marilyn 's suffering and along with…
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