A Case Study Anencephaly

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Case Report:
Anencephaly: A Case Report

Dr. Reem H. O. Al- Jasmawi
House Officer in Al- Hilla General Teaching Hospital
Babel – Iraq

Abstract :

Anencephaly occurs in 1.4-4.7/10,000 deliveries and is occurred due to a failed closure of the anterior neuropore at 24-26 days post fertilization. It is characterized by congenital absence of the major portion of brain, skull and scalp. As a result, the cranial neural tissue is exposed. Sometimes, some development of cerebral hemispheres can occur but this exposed tissue may be destructed because of hemorrhage. , it leads to nonfunctioning of the cerebrum. The etiology behind this condition is still unknown and it can diagnosed by various prenatal methods as simple as an ultrasound. The aim
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