A Case Study For Week Three Centers On A Liability And Assumption Of Risk Case

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The case study selected for week three centers on a liability and assumption of risk case study. In this case study, Brent Thomas and George Banks are facing liability charges after Ricky Watts sustained a serious injury during hockey practice (Essex, 2016). In this situation, Thomas is the school principal, and Banks is the hockey coach as well as the gym teacher (Essex, 2016). Ricky obtained injuries after improperly blocking the puck (Essex, 2016). This case study was selected because it highlights a situation that will likely be faced by all future school leaders. Sports are popular among students, and there is inherent risk in each sporting event. A school is open to liability if they do not ensure that proper protocols are met. Responding to Case Study Questions
Question 1: What factors would determine whether the principal may be liable (Essex, 2016)?
In order to prove Thomas liable in this situation, there would have to be evidence of proximate cause (Essex, 2016). The student, or student’s family, would need to be able to prove that there is a relationship between the principal’s breach of duty, and the injury the student suffered (Essex, 2016). I have dedicated the remainder of this paragraph to describing the ways in which Thomas may be in breach of his duty. Thomas has the responsibility as the school principal to ensure that Homewood High School has highly qualified teachers. It is his responsibility to recommend to the board the person best suited for the…

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