A Case Study Involving A Counselor Who Violates The American Counseling Association Code Of Ethics

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When one is dealing with a lot of issues, they may start to feel a bit overwhelmed. After so long, these issues may be hard for them to deal with on their own. They may struggle to cope throughout their daily life. As a result, they may seek professional help that will assist them with overcoming these issues. These counselors have ethical standards they should uphold, in hopes of respecting their client. What happens when the counselor oversteps their boundaries and imposes their own beliefs on their client? This paper will introduce a case study involving a counselor who violates the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics, which every counselor should respect. Joe is a 35 year old mental health counselor and has recently received a referral to counsel a 35 year old female named Jill. Jill is currently struggling with depression and anxiety, which is heightened by her dissatisfaction with her job. During their counseling session, Jill revealed that she is confused about her sexual preference and is attracted to women. Joe informs Jill that her feelings are unacceptable and he would rather not talk about them, because of his religion. Jill continued to see Joe, but the conversation shifted to issues that Jill was currently having with her family. Following that incident, Joe informed Jill of a rebirthing technique that he recently became familiar with. The technique involved wiping out Jill’s memory of her family, by hypnotizing her. Jill strongly opposed trying…
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